Community Service

Topics: Adolescence, Community, Grade Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Community Service
Once upon a time, there was a rebellious girl, who always got drunk and did drugs. One night at a party, the police came and caught her doing illegal drugs. Her sentence was community service, and she did not know what to expect. After the first day of community service, she discovered that she actually enjoyed it. Community service changed her life because she got to see and help people who used to be just like her, who did drugs and got drunk all the time. She saw how her life could have been. Then, she changed her ways and she wasn’t a rebel anymore. Clearly, community service should be a law where students have to do a certain amount of it before graduating or moving up a grade. First, students collaborate with their community and develop social skills. Many people only have a small group of friends, and don’t tend to make new ones. Since they are isolated, people rarely meet new acquaintances. Many people are not amiable and are unable to develop new friendships with strangers. When they try to have a conversation with someone, they stammer and fidget, causing the conversation to become awkward and the relationship between them to decline. For example, one person at school constantly goes her on phone. Rather than socializing and having actual conversations with friends, she prefers to go on Facebook or Twitter to share her life online. Like a baby attracted to a new toy, so she is constantly glued to her phone screen. If she began community service, she would be able to make new friends and socialize with actual people and not an electronic device. In 2005, a national survey was conducted by The Corporation for National and Community service and showed that “An estimated 15.5 million youth- or 55 percent of youth ages 12 to 18- participate in volunteer activities.” Clearly, making youth volunteering a requirement to move up to the next grade allows one to be more active on a social level, hindering failure in life. Secondly,...
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