Community Sentences

Topics: Punishment, Prison, Psychology Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Community sentences are one of the less severe punishments , which arre a kind of unpaid work for offenders .Firstly , there are a lot of opportunities in this punishment for example different kinds of courses which, gelps the offender to gain new skills , broaden horizonts , and develop their knowledge .So it can be abenefit to find well-paid job in future. These people who are sentenced learn many new things , useful in their lives. This punishment make them wiser , and more responsible . Secondly , community punishment is more effective than a short jail term, which does not allow time for behavioural intervention. community senences help offenders to deal with anger control , drug and alcohol and abuse community punishment is more effective than a short jail term, which does not allow time for behavioural intervention.. Offenders become more sensitive and politer , they are not used to taske narcotics or to drink alcohol . They have job which must be very important for them , and they don’t have time to think about addictions. They also avoid specific activities which have bad influence on their personality . Thirdly , thise kind of unpaid work shape many people ‘s personality and character. It developes offenders feelings , they become to be a human. They learn how to love and repect others. Offenders also take part in charities to help people in trouble. It makes them to live responsibility in the community. They learn things all over again. They gain new, good features . So it helps them to see the world better , and more special. Community sentence is a useful way to help many people who got lost . It’s the best way to show them how human being is important.
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