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In this assignment am going to identify the services available for people suffering with depression in . I will also identify statutory and non-statutory services available to meet the needs of people experiencing depression; examine the contribution of different professional groups and support staff and their impact on inter-professional working. Identify the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary service provision and a conclusion. According to a service which is defined as statutory “ is one that legally must be supplied by The authority concerned”

Statutory services available for people suffering with depression in Darlington are: •General practitioners (GPs) work with nurses and other staff to treat patients for a range of health problems. They also give health education, advice, and run clinic This is usually first, and often the only, point of contact that patients with depression make with the health service. (Kendrick, Tylee, Freeling and Goldberg, 1996). •NHS walk-in centres throughout England offer fast and free access to health advice and treatment at convenient times and locations. Their services include treatment , assessment by an experienced NHS nurse and information on local health services. •NHS Direct is a telephone line, staffed by nurses, which provides fast and free 24-hour health care advice. These ranges from advice and support on self-treatment to details about appropriate further services.


Community Mental Health Team(CMHT)
a multi-disciplinary team which provides assessment, care and treatment for people who have one or more types of severe mental illness •Assertive outreach team.
The team supports people in their local community rather than as an inpatient. The team operates on a flexible approach, providing assessment, care planning and interventions. They also work within a recovery framework, promoting social inclusion and maximise independence in all daily living skills within Darlington. •Acute Hospital.

Elm ward based at West Park Hospital provides acute assessment and treatment for the population in Darlington •Crisis Resolution Team.
It provides assessment and a range of services of treatment options to adults experiencing acute depression and /or emotional distress. They are responsible for assessing ball admissions and facilitating early discharge from inpatient areas and deliver intensive home treatment. •Intervention/ Home Treatment.

This development offers real choice to users who, in times of crisis, not only have the option of being admitted to hospital but can also choose to be cared for within their own homes, with minimal disruption to family life.

Mental Health Liaison.
Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) aims to provide confidential on spot advice and support patients helping them to sort out any concerns they have about the care NHS provides, guiding through the different services available from NHS. 2004 also saw the planning of enhanced liaison psychiatry services which will ensure that those who appear to have a physical illness, but where there is an underlying Psychological problem, get the necessary care and treatment.

Community Development Worker.
Early intervention team.
According to non-statutory services “ .. .is one which may or may not be supplied, at the discretion of the authority concerned” ...and

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