Community Profile

Topics: Swimming pool, The Age, Cross-country skiing Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: July 28, 2012
Community Profile:
City of Kelsey
Adrienne Ross Duhancik

The City of Kelsey, located in the Northwest Valley consists of a diverse group of citizens. The people who live in the community of Kelsey work together within various companies. This community also has a large array of events and meeting places for the citizens. Being a part of the community of Kelsey means to me that one might be held to a higher standard. This particular community reaches out for their citizens and expects the same in return. Since Kelsey was founding in 1932 by M. Kelsey, the city has grown, keeping with their traditions and respect for the land and the natural resources offered in the surrounding area. As mentioned the city of Kelsey has quite the diverse group of citizens made up of, 52.4% White/Hispanic, 32.5% African American, 3.7% Asian, and 11.4% other races. The city has a mixture of 52.5% female and 47.5% male, of this 29.8% are under the age of 19, 58.9% age 19 to 64, and 11.3% over the age of 65 (Apollo Group, 2011). Citizens have a wide selection of involvement by volunteering at a local school, recycling programs, conservation programs, or the donation centers. * Not only does the city of Kelsey have many learning academies, but the city is * made up of many events and activities for the citizens to volunteer, work, and attend to, such as museums, cinemas, campgrounds, Kelsey River, Lake Lora, fishing/hunting, boating/marinas, snowmobile trails, bicycle trails, cross country skiing, beach or waterfront recreation area, tennis courts: outdoor and indoor facility, Youth Organizations (i.e., Scouts, 4-H), youth sports: baseball, soccer, football, basketball, or outdoor and indoor swimming pools located at both the Kelsey Country Club and the Kelsey Aquatic Center. As well as the many events the city holds, such as the Annual Balloon Festival, Monthly Farmers' Market, Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, Craft Fair, Memorial Day Coed...
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