Community Power Structure

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1.0 Introduction
Identifying and investigating the structures of community power remains one of the central challenges of community development theory and practice. Researchers have long sought to understand and measure the distribution of power in organizations, local communities, nations and around the world. Hence classical studies of community power tended to identify elitist (Hunter, 53; Mills, 56) or Pluralist (Dahl, 61; Truman, 51) structures. These studies were carried out using different methods in different communities. The observed differences could resort from the nature of the communities involved or emerge as a consequence of inherent tendencies in the methods of measurement used (Freeman 1986). However, recent works suggest that power structures may take different forms in different community context or from different perspectives, or in different issues. Interestingly, Gould, (1989) argues a brokerage perspective that people with returns have greater opportunities to influence decision makers and decisions than those who do not, irrespective of what might traditionally have been considered position in a power structure. In the same vein this paper tends to examine Sabon Gari as a community and highlight the various power structures available owing to the peculiarities and characteristics of the community and the extent to which these power structures wield power and or influence Government decisions or policies. To achieve this we intend to assess the structure and dynamics of politics in Sabon Gari. Examine the various economic activities of people the area. i.e. their major sources of living. Most importantly social institutions and group dynamics in Sabon Gari community will be examined. Extensive analysis will be based on the relationships between the political, economic and social structures and how these relationships promote development through their influence on the community power structure. 1.2 Objectives of the Study

The study intends to assess Sabon Gari community with the aim of identifying the various political, economic and social, structures of power examining their level of interaction and how it promotes development in the community in this view the major objectives of the study are. * Examine the power structure of Sabon Gari community

* Assess the level of influence of each of power pyramid * Identifying the most effective power structure in Sabon Gari community. 1.3 Limitations of the Study
The study like every other faced a number of challenges amongst which some are very peculiar; Given the nature of the study, which has a political under tone and the period of the conduct of the study which was an election period when the nation was set to for National Assembly, Presidential and gubernatorial elections, the distribution of questionnaire was not only difficult but risky. It’s almost an impossible thing to do owing to the level of insidious campaigns by politicians and the obvious religious inclination to politics. Therefore, the study only had to make the use of interview to generate primary data from the community. 1.4 Methodology

The methodology employed in this study is the survey method of research using judgmental sampling technique to generate primary data. 1.4.1 Sources of data collection
The sources of data collection employed in this study are basically both primary and secondary sources of data collection. Primary; Due to the limitations faced the study will mostly make the use of; * Interview

* Focus Group discussions
* Personal Observations
Secondary; while other documented information will be used from other relevant documents like the history of the community etc. 1.5 Data Presentation and Analysis
Data will generally be presented quantitatively, where both primary and secondary data will be extensively discussed and analyzed.
2.0 Political History of Sabon Gari
Sabon Gari of Zaria had initially developed as an area in...
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