Community policing

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Community Policing and the Community

Emanuel, Rodriguez
Professor Greg Hausmann
Community Relations
October 21, 2013

“The police are the people and the people are the police”-Sir Robert Peel the founder of modern day policing, those words describe what community policing is and what it should be. Community policing is a philosophy that is still new to many police departments. It emerged in the 1980s and 90s to improve the effectiveness of police and their actions towards crime. Community policing requires more effort and teamwork from the department and community then a military reactive based policing system. Community policing is a department wide philosophy that promotes partnerships with the community, government and other police departments. Even though community policing is the new style of policing today, it still has a long way to go until it has its full effect. A great deal of the community believes that a police officer’s job is to respond to calls and arrest the bad guy which is completely incorrect. The job of a police officer varies with the police department and the community. The police force of a community has to be created by the community. That is when a mission and vision statement comes into play. A mission statement is a written declaration of purpose it shapes the behavior and attitude of the organization. Mission statements are not permanent they change with the community. A vision statement is more of what the police will have to do to complete their mission statement. A department’s mission statement should take a minimum of two years to complete. It is a slow process but it works effectively. A mission statement also requires community input after all it will benefit the community. Community relations with the police department increase the chances of a mission and vision statement being accomplished. Community policing also involves having a more proactive then reactive police force. A reactive...
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