Community Participation N Solid Waste Management

Topics: Waste management, Waste, Recycling Pages: 51 (12809 words) Published: February 6, 2011


Mahlet Seleshi

Submitted to:
Ato Chala Amdissa

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor in Public Administration and Development Management in the Faculty of Business and Education and Department of Public Administration and Development Management

July, 2009


Thank to the almighty God.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to my advisor Ato Chala Amdissa for his unreserved and constructive comments and directions while carrying out this research.

My deepest gratitude also goes to my beloved brothers Tsegaselassie Seleshi and Fanuiel seleshi for their support in any way possible. I am indebted to you both.

I also like to forward my heart felt appreciation to Azeb Mengistu for her valuable comments starting from proposal development to the finalization of the write up.

My sincere thanks go to Anteneh M., W/ro Emrakeb, and Assistant professor Mekuria Mekasha for their support with valuable advice and comments.

I am also thankful to Dr. Weldeab, Ato Biniam, Dr. Sherman, Ato Yimer, Ato Wondu, and other friends of mine who have helped me through all the processes of the research and the providing me with materials used in the research.

Last but not the least I want to thank Merid for conducting the interviews: and for all the respondents that have participated in the study for sacrificing their precious time. Table of Content
Page No.

Acknowledgment i
Table of Contentii-iii
Lists of Tableiv
Lists of Graphv
Chapter One1
1.1. Background of the Study1
1.2. Statement of the Problem3
1.3. Research Questions5
1.4. Study Objectives5
• General Objective5
• Specific Objectives5
5. Methodology6
1. Justification of the Case6
2. Methods6
1. Data Collection Method7
2. Interview7
3. Observations7
3. Sampling Method8
1. Sample Method and Sample Size Determination8 4. Data analysis 9
6. Study Limitations9
7. Significance of the Study10
8. Organization of the Paper10
Chapter Two11
1. Definitions and Conceptual Framework11
1. Clarifications and proposed definitions of community, participation and community participation11 1. The Nature and Implementation of Community Participation13 2. Participation in Practice and the Elements of Community Participation16 3. The Needs and Benefits of Community Participation18 2. Solid Waste Management20

1. Concepts of Waste Management20
2. Types of Solid Waste23
3. Methods of Waste Management24
3. Community Participation in Solid Waste Management26 4. Empirical Literature29
1. Practices of Community Participation in Solid Waste Management 29 Chapter Three31
2. Data Analysis and Interpretation31
1. Socio-demographic background31
2. Evaluation of solid waste management problem at the two study area35 3. Causes of the SWM problem36
4. The responsibility 39
5. Awareness on solid waste management mechanism/technique40 6. Types of the solid waste at the two study area44
7. Solid waste collection transportation and disposal service provider to the community 46 8. Timeliness of the services47
9. Participation in Solid Waste Management 50
10. Payment for SWM service52
11. Level of solid waste disposing serice in Merkato and Atikilt Tera53 12. Community participation other than paying fees for SWM service55 Chapter Four60
3. Summary60
1. Major findings60
2. Factors Affecting Community Participation60
3. Conclusion61
4. Recommendation62

Lists of...
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