Community Medicine: Much More than a Mere Clinical Subject

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Abstract: Medical doctors bear a great burden of caring for both the healthy and ill in the society. An avaricious doctor who has thrown basic ethics to the winds is an abomination to the profession. Over the years as knowledge progressed, the art of medicine slowly changed from a “philosophy” to a “technology” with emphasis on machines and procedures. There is a danger of a contemporary doctor running amok, treating his patients as diseases and harassing them with the latest technology. The fathers of the medical world after careful thought put together some rules, principles and precepts to help make a modern doctor behave rationally and responsibly. Community Medicine was thus born of a need to help medical professionals strike a balance between man, medicine, society and environment. It is the “religion” of the medical world! Community Medicine helps us adopt at different times promotive, preventive, curative or rehabilitative roles depending on the need we perceive in the world surrounding us. It may be overwhelming to realize that our understanding of clinical tools(diagnostic or therapeutic; preventive or curative) must be much more than all the specialists put together if we are to do any justice to the common man in his family or community! It may be sobering thought to realize that when medicine finally becomes thoroughly commercial, we will have to play a significant role in moderating our colleagues and the medical industry to ensure that our communities remain healthy. Key words: Community Medicine, philosophy, religion, clinical subject

Dr. Samson Sanjeeva Rao Nallapu,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Community Medicine,
NRI Medical College,
Guntur District,
AP State, India

Man is made in God’s image and is essentially good. However due to the various stressors of every day life, man tends to stray from being good. His socio-economic position, expectations of life, experiences in life and desires etc. make him behave anywhere...
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