Community Justice Models

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  • Published : October 8, 2010
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My paper describes the four community justice models; involvement, partnership, mobilization and intermediary model. I expanded on the neighborhood watch since it is a perfect example of the mobilization model. In addition, I vouched for the involvement model as being the most effective approach to community justice strategies.

In community justice several approaches have been made in order to help members of the community and the justice systems develop a critical understanding of some of the variation in community justice activity. Some of these strategies imposed are the involvement model; the partnership model; the mobilization model and the intermediary model. In the involvement model, citizen participation and policing involvement are some of the main points brought up. In such a model there is a greater interaction between police and the citizens which allows both parties to work together in order to counteract the effectiveness of criminal activity. In addition, a model of this type opens up the traditional job of police work into a more customer service provider. In this approach, police work together with citizen groups to identify problems affecting public safety in a particular location, gather data about that problem, design a strategy to solve that problem, and implement that strategy (Cardora 2003). As you can see this structure involves the citizens at all levels even at the implementing stage which is one of the most important stage. The involvement model has a number of advantages for both the citizens and both the police. The police benefit from this model since the model provides another source of information about local public safety problems. In addition, it provides a way to gather information about policing priorities. Another benefit for the police is the fact that this model creates a support system for them in the community for police practices; since they are usually criticized. This also opens the eyes of the citizens...
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