Community Interpreting Level 1

Topics: Translation, Interpretation, Language interpretation Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: December 14, 2012
3.1. Identify at least two elements that facilitate successful interpretation. Impartiality: Being impartial means not imposing or making known your own personal judgment or cultural values. It means not projecting personal bias or beliefs. For interpreters this means no advising or counselling. An interpreter does not give opinions or judgments. Example: If a medical interpreter does not believe in abortion, he or she must interpret what is said accurately and impartially without interfering or trying to influence the patient's thinking regarding a decision. Interpersonal skills: the interpreter shall; have strong communication skills, be polite, respectful and tactful, be able to relate well to people, have good judgement.

Example: in video, the interpreter used his interpersonal skills to clarify the term of special college used by the interviewer to the student. The student was confused by the term and the interpreter was able to clarify and explain to both parties by using his interpersonal skills. 3.2. Identify at least two elements of good practice witnessed in an interpreting exercise. Speak clearly and slowly; speak in simple and plain language, keeping explanations simple. Longer condensed and information packed sentences may make it difficult for the client to understand. Interpreter should translate the clients’ words, not to say own ideas. They don’t have to change any word. Impartiality: In a video the interpreter asked the client not to say anything that she may not wanted interpreted and said “if you don’t want something interpreter please don’t say it” Intervention skills: In the video the interpreter asked the interpreter to speak directly to the client and not through him making it more direct and professional and making it clear he is the intermediary.

3.3. Identify at least two elements of unacceptable practice that may figure in an interpreting exercise. Confusions: in video 2 the interpreter was confusing everyone by not interpreting...
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