Community Improvement

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If our community is looking for ways to make improvement we need to start by lowering gas prices. Gas is extremely too high, the economy is already bad. Another ways we can improve are community is by lowering college tuition and making are downtown look better. When people go on trips to a different state or city gas prices will be high and very expensive. It’s going to be almost two to three hundred dollars to get there and back. This gas prices is putting more stress on these families that are already struggle financially. Another improvement I would make is making are downtown look better. When people come from different cities and states and go downtown they would disappointed. Are downtown look horrible. No good restaurants, rarely any good places to go and watch people do there performances. They really need to do a good cleaning to make it look better Furthermore, to lower college tuition. More of the young men and women this day need an education to get somewhere in life. It’s really the key to success these days. We are tired of seeing people sell drugs or on the corner asking for change. There are more people in jail or prison today than in college. Everyone has the right to education. A lot of kids are smart but just can't afford to pay the tuition so after high school they just stop going to school. We need to stop that. In conclusion, Although we have many improvement that can be done in this world. Like gas prices or making college tuition lower. These are just a few that can make the world just a little bit more stressful. We all need to come together and help the world
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