Community Health Nursing Role in the Community

Topics: Smoking cessation, Nicotine, Bupropion Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Running head: Community Health Assignment #9
Nursing Role in Public/Community Health
Lydia Knapp
BSN Student of Muskingum University

I will describe the role of one of the health nurses in Coshocton County for the smoking cessation study. I will describe her daily activities, funding of program, populations targeted, and how she is educating the community.

Nursing Role in Public/Community Health
I followed Linda Cox, R.N. for the Coshocton County Health Department for one day. Her role is specifically designed for as joint study by the Health Department and OSU to research smoking cessation in Appalachian counties of Ohio. It is a three year study, federally funded by grant from the National Institute of Health and the American Cancer Society. They provide counseling, nicotine patches, and incentives to quit smoking. The first half of my day with Linda was spent passing out pamphlets to local businesses. The first half of this day was spent distributing brochures to the Western part of Coshocton County, in Warsaw and Nellie. The study already has multiple participants from the Eastern part of the county. Now, they are trying to recruit participants from the Western part of the county to make sure all areas are covered. They also try to address all socioeconomic statuses. Currently, they are in need of more lower-income participants also. This is a very small, close knit community. I was surprised at the eagerness that business owners accepted the information. In one business, a pet grooming operation, of all places, the owner was very happy to have brochures because not only did she own this business, she also operated a gas station/convenience store in town, which also sold cigarettes. She stated that even though it would cut down on her cigarette sales, she is more concerned about the welfare of her customers, many of whom regularly voice the desire to quit smoking. She took many brochures for the convenience store, and made sure she had...
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