Community Health Nursing Exam

Topics: Hepatitis B, Infant, Hepatitis Pages: 8 (1543 words) Published: October 14, 2010
College of Nursing Education
Roxas Extension, Digos City

Final Exam, 1st Semester, AY: 2010-2011

GENERAL INSTRUCTION: Read each item carefully and choose the best answer. Write your answers on your test booklet, in CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY.

1. The Sentrong Sigla Movement has been launched to improve health service delivery. Which of the following is/are true of this movement?

A. This is a project spearheaded by local government units
B. It is a basis for increasing funding from local government units C. It encourages health centers to focus on disease prevention and control D. Its main strategy is certification of health centers able to comply with standards

2. Which of the following women should be considered as special targets for family planning? A. Those who have two children or more
B. Those with medical conditions such as anemia
C. Those younger than 20 years and older than 35 years
D. Those who just had a delivery within the past 15 months

3 . Freedom of choice in one of the policies of the Family Planning Program of the Philippines. Which of the following illustrates this principle?

A. Information dissemination about the need for family planning B. Support of research and development in family planning methods C. Adequate information for couples regarding the different methods D. Encouragement of couples to take family planning as a joint responsibility

4. A woman, 6 months pregnant, came to the center for consultation. Which of the following substances is contraindicated?

A. Tetanus toxoid
B. Retinol 200,000 IU
C. Ferrous sulfate 200mg
D. Potassium iodate 200 mg, capsule

5. During prenatal consultation, a client asked you if she can have her delivery at home. After history taking and physical examination, you advised her against a home delivery. Which of the following findings disqualifies her for a home delivery?

A. Her OB score is G5P3
B. She has some palmar pallor
C. Her blood pressure is 130/80
D. Her baby is in cephalic presentation

6. Inadequate intake by the pregnant woman of which vitamin may cause neural tube defects?

A. Niacin
B. Riboflavin
C. Folic Acid
D. Thiamine

7. You are in a client's home to attend to a delivery. Which of the following will you do first?

A. Set up a sterile area
B. Put on a clean gown and apron
C. Cleanse the client's vulva with soap and water
D. Note the interval, duration and intensity of labor and contractions

8. In preparing a primigravida for breastfeeding, which of the following will you do?

A. Tell her that lactation begins within a day after delivery B. Teach her nipple stretching exercises if her nipples are everted C. Instruct her to wash her nipples before and after each breastfeeding D. Explain to her that putting the baby to breast will lessen blood loss after delivery

9. A primigravida is instructed to offer her breast to the baby for the first time within 30 minutes after delivery. What is the purpose of offering the breast this early?

A. To initiate the occurrence of milk letdown
B. To stimulate milk production by the mammary acini
C. To make sure that the baby is able to get the colustrum
D. To allow the woman to practice breastfeeding in the presence of the health worker

10. In a mother's class, you discuss proper breastfeeding technique. Which of these is a sign that the baby has "lactated on" the breast property?

A. The baby takes shallow, rapid sucks
B. The mother does not feel nipple pain
C. The baby's mouth is only partly open
D. Only the mother's nipple is inside the baby's mouth

11. You explain to a breastfeeding mother that breastmilk is sufficient for all of the baby's nutrient needs only up to:

A. 3 months
B. 6 months
C. 1 year
D. 2 years

12. Which biological used in EPI is stored in the freezer?

B. Tetanus toxoid
C. Measles vaccine
D. Hepatitis B vaccine

13. Unused BCG should be discarded how many...
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