Community Health Nursing

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Community Health Nursing

By | September 2012
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Community Description:Clayton County is one of smallest counties in the state of Georgia. Yet, with more than 250,000residents, it is one of the most densely populated. Clayton County is located south of Atlanta,Georgia and Hartsfield International Airport. Clayton County, a suburban community, has arelaxed and neighborly feel like a small town, but with all the amenities of a major metropolitanarea. Clayton County is populated with a variety of ethnic groups, but is predominantly AfricanAmerican. In the community, there are several learning campuses such as high schools, middleschools, elementary schools, non-traditional schools, and other educational programs. There arecharter and magnet schools in the community as well. Clayton County school system offers a lot of diversity with several countries represented. Clayton County also has a 4-year college, ClaytonState and University, and several healthcare facilities in the community. The average precipitationis 50.2 inches yearly.Community Data:Population Economic Status Assessment:Clayton County has a population of 253,916. Themedian population age composition in Clayton County is 30 yrs of age. US Census Bureau reportsin 2010, over 93,000 more people resided in Clayton County than did in 1990 (p.2). Due to therecession, the unemployment rate is up and business and job growth is down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports over the past two decades, unemployment in Clayton County has closely mirroredthe state average, and had no more than a 0.2 percent difference in 2000. As of May, 2010, thecounty’s unemployment rate (11.9 percent) had been severely affected by the recession, andexceeded the state average (10.2 percent), an overall increase of 8.6 percent over the past ten years.Due to the increase unemployment rate, the business and job market has been affectedgreatly. There are a lot of vacant buildings that were once thriving businesses. The annual medianincome in Clayton County is 39,595, which has increased...

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