Community Health Needs Assessment

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I. Introduction


Barangay Culiat is part of the VI district of Quezon city, and one of Quezon City’s many barangays. It was created in March 26, 1962. With a population of 83,003, it is also one of the most populous of barangays too. The barangay encompasses all the land and airspace between Congressional Avenue, Luzon Avenue, the boundary line between UP Diliman, and the Pasong Tamo River near Visayas Avenue.


The reason behind making a Community Health Needs Assessment is that every community has health assets as well as health issues, and it is important to take them into account, evaluate on how to solve these issues using these assets, and then prioritizing on what needs to be done. The assessment may be vital to the community workers who may be able to detect the health issues in the community and do something about it, with the help of this Community Help Needs Assessment. I’ve personally chosen this barangay not only because it is where I currently reside with my tit, but also because I see it as a diverse barangay wherein there are religions such as Iglesia Ni Kristo and Muslim that are very prominent in this community. It would be interesting to get at least a small picture on their health and maybe compare it to ours.

Aims and Objectives

The Community Health Needs Assessment aims to develop a general and comprehensive community profile of the health status, health assets, as well as health issues of the residents of the whole Barangay Culiat. It also aims to use this community profile to prioritize the health issues that needs to be met by the community, so as to organize an intervention for the community.

Methodologies Used

To understand the health needs of the community, certain methodologies were employed to collect both quantitative and qualitative data on the community’s health resources and needs. These methodologies were based on our lecture on Community Health Needs Assessment. There were three types of methodologies used for this assessment: survey, interview, as well as a secondary analysis of existing data. These methodologies were chosen because of the limited amount of time, the relative ease of use, accuracy, and in my opinion, the effectiveness of these methodologies. These resources presented are as consistent, reliable, and accurate as possible.

The first method used is a survey, which was used in the collecting phase. This health survey inquires a representative small group of people, or participants, within the barangay on their perception of their health needs and issues. The survey was given in a checklist format, so that it would be easier to analyze the data than if the answers were different and much harder to analyze. The survey was written in Tagalog, since it is the most commonly used language in the barangay. Inquiries made by the survey included the following:

* Gender of participant
* Age of participant
* Barangay where the participant resides
* Participant’s perception of his/her own health
* Whether or not the participant has health insurance
* Health issues the participant thinks are affecting his/her community * Where the participant goes to receive medical treatment * Where the participant receives information on health
* What health topics are important for the participant and his/her own family

The Last 4 questions were answered in a checklist manner, so as not to limit the participant’s answer to the question. There were 30 surveys given out, due to the limited time and person available to conduct the survey. The survey was given in 6 places inside the barangay, so that a broader picture may be seen. These places are: my neighborhood; the basketball court; the day care center; near the local chapel; in front of the barangay hall and inside the health center. The second method used is interviewing key informants, which was also used in the collecting phase. This...
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