Community Health Assessment

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Community Assessment
Kaplan University
Community Health Assessment
Prof. Francine Banasiak
December 07, 2012

Section 1 presents a table reflecting the US Census data report on Orange County, California, while various graphs were used to show the weight status of the county’s adults, the percentage of those who are overweight or obese, and the weight status of children. On a personal note, I have noted the ways I have used the results of the assessment to improve my health concern. I have pointed in summary form about the assessment and what it entails to resolve the health issue. Section 2 summarizes the information I have discovered to this point relative to a similar assessment in Los Angeles County and compiled the information about one health concern of relevance in my community (Orange County). Part A of Section 3 describes how I gather data for my health assessment using overweight and obesity as the health concern, while Part B completes the health assessment information by using the US Census information on Orange County. My evaluation of the information is then presented on Part C. The last portion is my conclusion restating the problem this paper addresses and have offered other areas for further consideration. The last page provide my references, including the health risk assessment and the Census information

Community Assessment
Section 1: U.S. Census data on Orange County in the state of California

Orange County has many communities where various social groups, ethnicity, cultures and norms interact in a very unique way. The estimated population in 2011 was 3,055,745, (2010 Census). As shown on the Table 1 below, the Whites represent 74.9%, the Asians 18.4%, the Blacks 2.1%, the American Indian and Alaskan Native people 1.1%, the Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders 0.4%, and people who reported two or more races 3.1%. Table 1: Population and Composition| Orange County|

Population, 2011 estimate| 3,055,745|
Children under 5 years| 6.30%|
Adolescents who are under 18 years| 24.10%|
Adults who are 65 years and over| 11.90%|
Female persons| 50.50%|
Male persons| 49.50%|
White persons| 74.90%|
Non-whites| 2.10%|
American Indians and Alaskans | 1.10%|
Asian persons| 18.40%|
Pacific Islanders| 0.40%|
Others| 3.10%|
Persons of Hispanic or Latino Origin| 34.10%|
White persons not Hispanic| 43.50%|
Source: Census, 2010
Based from the Orange County Health Needs Assessment (OCHNA), majority (53%) of Orange County adults who are 18 and over were considered overweight or obese (Figure 1). Overweight or obesity is prevalent in every city in the county, but the percentages of overweight and obesity in Fullerton, Buena Park, Sta. Ana, and Costa Mesa is higher. These cities happen to have the higher concentration of Hispanics, other Asians, and Vietnamese. Further, members of the older adult population are diverse in their socioeconomic status, ethnicity and mental health, in that as a result of not having right nutrition and physical inactivity; the older adults are susceptible to long-term illness, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Figure 1: Weight Status of Orange County Adults

Figure 2: The Percentage of Overweight or Obese Adults by City

OCHNA also found that 22.3% of children are overweight and nearly 13% more who are at risk of being overweight (Figure 3). Figure 3: Weight Status of Orange County Children

On a personal note, it took me so many years to finally realize that obesity is a disease and most likely the main cause of my chronic health problems (e.g., heart problem, hypertension, diabetes, and COPD). I have to thank the Community Health Assessment course (HA560) for I came to learn that if I stay being overweight and/or obese, the chance of dying sooner is not far fetched. After contemplating about what it entails to improve my health situation, I have taken the...
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