Community Essay

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Community Essay
I think one important part to a small community is always its fire department. In my community, Oaks Volunteer Fire Department plays a huge role and does so much for my little home town. First of all it brings the small town together. The fire fighters are always having get-togethers that everyone in the community are welcome to come to. The fire department also provides a sense of safety for the community as well. They sell yearly fire agreements to people that live in the area for just a small fee. It lets people know that someone will be there to help if it is needed.

My dad is the chief of Oaks Volunteer Fire Department and has been for 11 years now. I attend every dinner and fundraiser they have. They always have an annual car show every summer that I know everyone in town looks forward to just as much as I do. They hold the car show right behind the little fire department and always have at least 100 applicants, which is a good number for a small community. The whole town will come out and look at all the very expensive show cars. There is also a live band that can play most of the songs that people request and lots of food. The fire fighters bring their grills from home and they all grill burgers, hotdogs, and whatever else they can think to grill for everyone. I think that this event alone brings the community together and everyone always has a great time. This is just one of the many things the fire department does for the town. They also have a Christmas dinner every year that all the fire fighters, their families, and friends are welcome to come to. All the fire fighter’s families bring different dishes to feed everyone there. I am always excited about this. After everyone has eaten they play a slideshow of the years accomplishments and announce fire fighter of the year. The most beneficial thing I think the fire department does for the community is hold a fire prevention day for all the surrounding area’s schools. Not all fire...
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