Community Environmental Issue

Topics: South Carolina, Polychlorinated biphenyl, Camden, South Carolina Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Community Environmental Issue
Tamara Harrison
Environmental Science/ SCI/275
January 20, 2013
Instructor: William McIntosh

Camden, South Carolina is the town that I live in; it is very small and quiet. We are well known for a lot of famous things such as The Carolina Cup. The Carolina Cup brings business to our very small town, hundreds of people travel to Camden, South Carolina to watch the horse race on that day. Even though this special day brings in a lot of people along with the visitors comes trash, and other environmental issues, this is not Camden’s biggest environmental issue. Camden, South Carolina is considered the country and here in the country we do country things such as hunting and fishing. The most famous spot here in Camden to fish is Lake Wateree. Lake Wateree is one of the oldest man-made lakes in South Carolina. Lake Wateree is approximately 19 square miles reservoir which covers Kershaw, Fairfield, and Lancaster counties here in South Carolina, in the United States. It has about 242 miles of shoreline and includes Lake Wateree State Recreation Area, and Shaw Air Force Base Recreation center. Lake Wateree was named after the now extinct Wateree Native Americans, who once lived in the local area until disposed by European settlers. Lake Wateree is known for the greatest fishing and bountiful wildlife. The fish that are most famous in Lake Wateree include Channel catfish, White Perch, White bass, Bream, just to name a few. Well even with all these wonderful fish Lake Wateree has to offer they come with a warning tag. In 2009 the small town of Camden and other surrounding areas were surprised to hear that the lake everyone loved so much was being tested by state biologist for PCB. PCB is the short name for polychlorinated biphenyls. PCB is suspected to be a cancer causing pollutant that has tainted predator species in one of South Carolina’s most popular reservoir. Lake Wateree was in the 17 percent of lakes that tested nationally in...
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