Community Colleges

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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What’s so great about Community Colleges anyway?
Does everyone that attends community colleges know the role of them? Most people don’t know the achievement gaps or knows the importance of them. Many teens today are so excited about attending college the last decision on their mind is commuting. This is because most are ready for the dorm life, freedom, and partying. Education does cross their mind, but other times it isn’t until the hard work kicks in. This also goes for charter schools. Charter schools and community colleges are very beneficial and helpful. The two are very similar when it comes to academic reasons. Today many people work hard to close achievements gaps for people coming from high and low income families who want a better education. Many people face obstacles due to family income. Whether it’s high or low income, children fight for available educational opportunities. Everyone deserves a chance at being successful and achieving goals. It is said to be that people living in poverty won’t have the same benefits as others living on the “brighter side”. People that live on the brighter side have easier chances at getting successful. This refers back to school system, and how education is involved. (1st link) The education law center stated that the Christie administration has been moving too slow. It is suggested that they build more schools for children in struggling cities. Recently, the state of Department of Education failed to move as quickly as they should, now there are many different ranges of requests for many school repairs and fix other things in some of the poorest cities.

Charter schools are very different from schools such as private and public schools. In Newark, children are grouped by ages consisting children five and younger that live in poverty. Schools are trying to help these children. Charter schools are private schools that give everyone a chance. For example, in the book Outliers, KIPP was a middle school that Marita...
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