Community College vs. University

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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I. Intro./ ThesisCommunity College vs. University

Trying to decide whether to attend a community college or a university can be quite exhausting. Both institutions can offer a wide variety of teaching methods, social interaction, and the works. To consider the best opportunity for you, look at your budget, how you learn, and what level of education you are wanting to obtain. In other words, figure out what type of education you need, choose your career path, start college and get your degree. II.Point one: Expense

A.) People who cannot afford to go to school full time and therefore need an institution with a flexible schedule so that they can work may find that a community college is better adapted to their needs. Community college is more likely to schedule classes with students’ other commitments in mind. B.) University tuition costs can vary depending upon whether they are public or private, but are more expensive than community colleges. If university costs are just too much, even with scholarship, grant, and other assistance, then community college can also offer an alternative that allows full-time attendance (if that’s what’s wanted) for far less cost.  Those who need a university education to meet their career goals may be able to attend a community college part time while they work and save up. Then, when they transfer to a university for their final two years, they may have saved enough that with financial aid, they can pursue their four-year degree. III. Point two: Caliber of Instruction

Many great instructors teach at community colleges because they want to teach at college-level. They can break down complicated terms into its most simplified, basic form and with one eloquent statement sweep it up, explain it, and have it all fall into place. University professors who are so busy with their research (which is, unfortunately, the only way to achieve and maintain professor status) are more like silent partners in the course and...
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