Community College vs Four Year Universities

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Community Colleges vs. Four Year Universities

A large factor to put into consideration when choosing a college is a two-year or four year college. If going to a four year college seems too expensive or time consuming but you still want to attend school, community college would be the right choice, it is the economic fix that you are looking for. A lot of students choose to study for one or two years at a community college. While going to a two year college, a student takes a lot of the same classes that you would be taking at a four year college, so this being said you can receive an Associates Degree as well. For some careers, the Associates Degree program is all that you need. Community colleges offer, a quick and affordable education. With average yearly fees and tuitions at only $2,076 dollars community college give what is needed for a successful career at a fraction of the price as a four year. The little investment at a community college, over time, can increase your salary by up to $250,000 dollars. If you already know what you want to major in, attending a community college can make a lot of sense.

In contrast to a four year college that demands a large amount of curriculum courses and classes, community colleges offer both Associate degrees and occupational certificates in two years or less which is affordable and quick and saves on time and money. Another advantage of going to a community college is that you can have more of a flexible schedule. Most four year colleges require large time commitments community colleges don’t. Community colleges have very flexible class scheduling allowing you to take classes that work with your schedule.If it is hard for you too commute to a community college or four year college difficult, online community college classes are also available. These online community college classes are very flexible and can be finished during your free time and at your own pace. Online community college courses can even be...
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