Community Based Tourism

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Capacity Building

Capacity building is important in preparing the community as a host as it will educate and prepare all community members to provide the best services. Through capacity building, skills are acquired. Training is given to increase the skill level and to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop and support the program of CBT as a tourist activity.

Capacity building for Kampung Sinaran Baru, Kempas homestay can be done based on study tour, where the community is learning to be better in Malaysia or abroad and the training program or course of communication are provided. Such courses are languages, computer skills training, finance and marketing courses, and homestay management.

Part of the program for capacity building for the local community consists of eight modules described below and it is designed to educate and develop the skills of local communities. The modules are:

Capacity Building


All the participants attain the course to learn how to behave in order to acquire good behavioral attributes. Every homestay has a first aid kit. Food safety, quality and knowledge is essential to the participants. Good level of communication with the tourists is highly encouraged because communication is very important to enhance learning and mutual understanding. Body language and signs aid high understanding and help participants to handle the tourists. The ministry of culture and tourism has a program in place, which is aimed at selecting a hand-full of participants and to train them on Basic English language skills. Many of them end up as better people by operating a public cookie’s kitchen which is part of the village tour by women or Teaching basket weaving and making handicrafts to the tourists

Style of Leadership

The success of CBT projects is essentially dependent on leadership and organisation. It is common for some members of a community to have more advanced skills or areas of experience than others. These people can champion their skills, show leadership in their skill area, and share their knowledge base with others in the community for everyone’s benefit (Effective Community Based Tourism: Sally Asker, Louise Boronyak ….)

In 2006, a female called Mrs. Norbi Binti Ahmad, is an Elder of the Kampung Sinaran Baru, Kempas homestay. As she teaches Quran, she had gained so much respect from the local community, she had the power to fight for the local community’s rights, and she is hardworking.

Since 2006 she has been the only champion. Every 3 years they have an election to select local champion. The last time they had an election, competing with another nominee, she gained 40 out of 48 votes. The final decision is made by the local champion herself.

Product development and packaging
A tourism product in Malaysia that is becoming increasingly popular among local and foreign tourists is the homestay programme. Under the homestay programme, tourists live with a local family in a kampung (village) house and learn about close-knit family relationships, enjoy sumptuous home-cooked food and discover the simple lifestyle in the country. It offers a chance for visitors to experience the daily life outside of bustling capital cities and puts tourists closer to our natural "assets," the culture and friendly people of Malaysia. Each homestay village has something unique to offer tourists and organizes its own special activities for their guests such as jungle trekking, fishing, rubber tapping, fruit picking, handicraft-making, etc. From just RM75 a day, a guest will be hosted by a family and share their meals and enjoy the daily routines of a kampung life. Accommodation is usually in traditional wooden houses on stilts set amidst a pretty landscaped garden. Basic amenities include bed and bathroom (either en suite or commonly shared). The homestay packages are priced between RM75 and RM295 ( per...
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