Community Assessment

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Community Assessment and Analysis

Yuma Community Of all the problems faced by Yuma community, along with the state ranking for teen births, the community also takes third place. (County Health Rankings, 2012). Programs that will help to educate teens on the importance of using birth control in order to stop undesirable pregnancies are a rising need within the community. Additional health problems for this community include obesity in the adolescent population; in 2005, the Yuma community had approximately thirty six percent of its adolescent in obese category, comparing to twenty nine percent in the entire state. (Centers for Disease Control, 2005). In the state The Steps program steered by the Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care Centers, targeted five communities and over 2,200 children mostly decreasing sugary drinks, cumulative fiber intake and wholegrain foods. The state of Arizona as a whole is facing another larger issue in the Vaccination rate. World Health Organization mandates 95% of vaccination rate for the entire population. The rate of vaccination set by the state is 90% and the current rate of the State is 70%, which far below the target goal and is alarming. (Arizona Department of Health Service, 2011). Arizona Republic magazine reports that, I the upper and middle class one of the reason for non-compliance with immunization is fear of causing Autism. If given opportunity, the lower class families seem to show better compliance with immunization when cost factor is elicited (Alitucker, 2011). Location and climate play an important role in the health issues of this community. Mexico and California are the two borders of Yuma community. The economy and budget gets divided among law enforcement and Border patrol. The increasing crime rate requires the state to contribute a major part of its budget towards law enforcement and protection of its citizens, which takes a down toll on the availability of the public health resources initiation. A health initiative, to utilize funding ,such as to ensure free water supply to all the community could benefit to elicit problems related to Dehydration in this desert climate. Educational status is another concern of this community. Hispanic population accounts for sixty percent. High rate of drop outs from school is considered to be related to language barrier. Education can play a vital role in enabling the community to critically to acknowledge problems and to find remedies to stay healthy as a community. Yuma Community can benefit from added funding to support and to maintain programs to stay healthy as a community. With the limited funding, community is able to assist with citizens with housing, health insurance including dental coverage in the community (Need Help Paying Bills, 2011). Yuma community cannot be considered totally poor, because the community consists of one main acute care hospital and two smaller hospitals inside a sixty mile distance. But the lack of Medical specialty such as Cardiac surgeries or those require high skilled treatments are not easily available within the community. The nearest specialty hospitals for children and adults are in Phoenix. Fatal accidents accounts as first reason for the higher death rate in the community. In 2007, the total death rate for the city of Yuma is higher than the state average in total, directing to fatal accidents as the source (Yuma, AZ, 2012). The functional health assessment of Yuma community, we have learned that there are many problems that can be considered in the County. Some of the key problems prominent are high rates of obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction, and teen pregnancy. Though the total obesity rates are close to national average, the statistics show that County has a much higher rate of adults that do not exercise. In order to care for the mental health...
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