Community and Family Studies

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Student Name___________________________________________

Unit Title:Resource Management
Task type:Case Study
Due Date:Week 8 Term 1 2011
Outcomes assessed:
P1.1describes the contribution an individual’s experiences, values, attitudes and beliefs make to the development of goals P1.2proposes effective solutions to resource problems
P6.1distinguishes those actions that enhance wellbeing
P4.2presents information in written, oral and graphic form
In your answer you will be assessed on how well you:|
* Demonstrated knowledge and understanding about values, attitudes, beliefs and resources develop goals| * Be able to propose solutions in order to meet primary and secondary needs in order to achieve wellbeing| * Communicate ideas and information using relevant examples| * Present a logical and cohesive response|

Task Description
You will be given the article, questions and marking guidelines on Tuesday in Week 8. You will then be able to go home read the article and prepare to answer the questions in class on Friday of Week 8. You will not be permitted to use any notes but need to bring the task to class so that you can answer the questions on the task sheet. It will be test conditions. Good luck for your first task. Answer in the space provided.

Students Name _________________________________________
Marking Guidelines
Criteria| Marks|
Demonstrates extensive knowledge and understanding of values, attitudes and beliefs to the development and attainment of goalsDemonstrates an understanding of the link between primary and secondary needs and wellbeingProposes a range of suitable strategies to enhance wellbeingEffectively communicates ideas, issues and opinions in an organised, logical and coherent manner using appropriate terminology| 13-15| Demonstrates thorough knowledge and understanding of values, attitudes and beliefs to the development and attainment of goalsOutlines the link...
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