Community and Family Studies

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Person, Personal life Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Another can be defined as volunteer and community work. People in these categories define these jobs as being called work due to them spending their available time. Being in a paid workforce many needs can be distinguished. Many work for the need of financial support and this is a major need. As for money is the key to basic needs such as, food, clothing and shelter. To be able to afford these basic needs and go on in daily life and routines. Other needs that are met by individuals can vary from self-esteem, some people may feel the need to feel good about themselves with the work they do. They may feel they contribute to the community and the society as a whole. This can vary from paid individuals and unpaid individuals. Self-esteem may give them a boost in life and self-esteem is a major factor in everyone's life that is needed. Another need that may be established for an individual are social needs, to feel the comfort of being around people. To establish a friendship of some sort and have a bond with individuals. Another factor may be educational and status in life. Many people work to have a certain status within the community. This can vary from paid and unpaid work by a paid person will like to work harder and be given a pay rise and a higher position within the company. An unpaid worker will like to be known for the good deeds they do within the community. There are many different needs that are met for different individuals in either paid or unpaid work.  

This survey will determine and distinguish the different needs that are met by different individuals in paid or unpaid workforces. The sample group that is chosen is both genders male and female aged between 30 and 35. This certain age group was chosen due to 30 being the age where many peoples status in life are established, and 55 being the age where many people decide to retire. The size of the group was 35 people because it is a small group though it will establish the differences of the...
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