Community Advisory Council

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The CAC is a community-based effort to develop a set of actionable strategies to guide the redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory, manage the community space, and to monitor the project’s short and long-term future. The CAC plan will include priorities, goals and action strategies; and 5, 10 and 20-year implementation plans. The Plan will be based on an ongoing assessment of the Project’s financial and economic status as well as adherence to the terms of the Community Benefits Agreement. It will administer a community satisfaction survey, community input solicited through public meetings, and recommendations from the Community Advisory Council. Advisory Council Charge, Membership and Schedule

The Advisory Council will make recommendations and advise KNIC and or Global Spectrum on the community’s priorities, goals, and action strategies for division and use of the space designated to the community. Council Membership/Size

The Council will start small and include just a few (e.g., less than ten) members on the team. A larger council will be established after the members are comfortable with the process of working collaboratively with each other on a project team. Ultimately the Advisory Council will have 20 total members. This size allows for diverse representation but is small enough for effective communication and consensus development. Initially it will be comprised of: 2 representatives from CB 7

3 representatives from Councilman Cabrera’s office
1 representative from the BP
1 representative from KARA
1 member representing the Developer (non-voting)

Council members will be drawn from the City’s Boards and Commissions, businesses, non-profit community organizations, service groups, elected, and citizens-at-large. It will consider all ages, genders, and cultural or racial backgrounds. Council will meet Quarterly beginning in September 2013. At least half of...
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