Topics: Will Keith Kellogg, John Harvey Kellogg, Corn flakes Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Two brothers named Will Keith Kellogg and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was co founded of Kellogg’s cornflakes. The two brothers enter into the cereal changing business, when American started to focus on eating a lighter and more grain- based meals. Will Keith Kellogg discovered that a better flake was produced by using only the corm grit or “sweet heart of the corn.” (n.d) They decided to put their signature on each package, saying that these Corn Flakes are the “The Original” to help consumer distinguish Kellogg’s Corn Flakes from the other cereal products that are on the market . To ensure that consumer would seek their product the brothers gave out free sample and advertised cornflakes in magazines and billboards. The companies succeed because they didn’t just target a particular diet. They made their cereal appeasing to all and because of Kellogg’s’ continually improved in the product line and packaging techniques to meet the needs of an ever- changing and evolving consumer base. Elasticity gives us a way to measure how people react to price changes or to changes. The price elasticity of demand measures how much consumers respond to changes in price by change the quantity demand. The price elasticity for Kellogg’s cornflakes has gone down about 5%.( n.d) Overall grain production is down if it’s compared to all type of cereal. According to Kellogg secret of success, years of investing in the promotion of the Kellogg’s name have meant it can raise its prices above those of competitors and the product will still succeed. However when they started charging consumers over $5 for a box of cereal sales started slide, which caused Kellogg to reduce their prices.

To keep up with the growing market, Kellogg Company developed new product, packaging and marketing innovations to fit consumer needs. In 1914 Kellogg Company created Waxtite wrappers, a new concept in packaging technology. (n.d) Some other things Kellogg did to attract more consumer was held art...
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