Topics: Sociology, Communitarianism, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Mark Fackler- Communitarianism

Thesis: Communitarianism is an ideology that focuses on the responsibility of the individual to the community.

1)A Definition and Example
a)Communitarianism is the social strategy that distinguishes peace-loving virtues from greed-hoarding impulses. i)Human experience has shown that people prosper when tribalism and egoism give way to generosity and fair-play as first order responses. ii)Community grows under a regime of predictable good will tending toward fearless communication of dissent and negotiated hierarchies of function attentive to the advantage of the least powerful members. b)Communitarianism is ontology and praxis.

i)Middle-range bonds of trust and loyalty that come voluntarily to people who understand that fulfillment, happiness, and eudaemonia evolve through relationships and never in isolation from them. ii)Communitarianism is evident in every way not forced by the state that people combine for cooperative action and sustain their mutual effort without corruption. c)The communitarian “is a person whose identity and fulfillment are inextricably bound up with relations and communities. Other people are constitutive of rather than instrumental to my identity and well-being as a person.” (Fergusson, 1998, 143) i)Mutuality defines and constitutes the person

d)Communitarianism establishes a distinctive ontological identity in nexus with others, never isolated or free-floating. 2)Application to the Mass Media
a)Communitarianism as a basis for an ethic of mass media show i)The establishment of public broadcasting agencies
ii)Independent of government
iii)Mandat to public service.
b)The Commission on Freedom of the Press chaired by Robert Maynerd Hutchins covers five goals for mass media reform. The findings requested for the media that would serve the public, challenge state power, and give voice to those on margins. The two most coherent of these goals are: i)(2) A forum for the exchange...
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