Communist vs Democratic

Topics: Democracy, Communism, Government Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Democracy and communism are two of the most different, yet important systems of government ever to be set into motion. While total democracy and total communism are not widely spread, the effects of both can be seen in the countries that adopted these forms of government years ago. This is done by the practice of the more modern forms of these two governing systems, liberal democracies and CPC states. Both communist and democratic governments have benefits and disadvantages; therefore many disagree about which may be best.

One of the greatest distinctions between a communist and a democratic government are their conflicting economic systems. In a communist government, the goal is to abolish private property and class systems. The public owns the major resources and the means of production. Power is also held in common. The goal of the system is to hinder any individual person or group from becoming extremely wealthy, while others become excessively poor. By giving everyone equal pay and ownership, the system attempts to balance wealth between the previously rich and poor. Over time, the outcome became an increased lower class. However, in a democratic government, the economy prospers by allowing free enterprise. People can work hard for more money and profits. Money is most certainly a driving force in a democracy. Though, a downside might be someone that works just as hard and makes a minimum wage. But, democratic systems seem to be more economically successful that other forms of government. . On the other hand, in a communist society a person can work infinitely harder than a coworker and receive the same pay by the end of the day. This fact has contributed to the downfall of communism. When employees have no incentive to work hard, they become lazy at their jobs which, in turn, drags down the economy.

The success of democratic governments may be contributed to the fact of how long the system has been around. It is said to first have...
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