Communications Theory Application

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, Columbine High School Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: February 7, 2008
Have you ever wondered if there was a devil side and an angel side to your personality? The devil side is telling you to be bad and have fun, while the angel side is telling you to be good and do what is right. This idea has to do with the I and ME theory of communications. The ME is like the angel side of your personality, telling you what is right and socially acceptable. The I is like the devil side, telling you to be creative and forget about the rules. The I and ME theory of communications helps us understand why we interact the way we do with other people.

The theory I chose is within symbolic interactionism, called the I and ME theory. "In analyzing the self Mead was fascinated by the fact that humans have the distinctive ability to be both the subjects and the objects of their experience. Mead referred to the part of the self that is an acting subject as the I"(Wood 91). The I is creative, impulsive, uses immoral behavior, and doesn't think about the rules. The ME is evaluative and reminds you what is right and what is wrong. "Mead saw the I and the ME as complementary, not as opposing, parts of the self. When the two parts work together, the ME edits and channels the I's creativity in socially acceptable ways"(Wood 92). The article, "Dress-related responses to the Columbine shootings: other-imposed and self-designed" talks about the shootings at Columbine High School. It says, "Theories of identity, social power, and symbolic interaction guided the authors' work"(Ogle,Eckman 155). The article also talks about two major dress-related responses. "One was other-imposed regulation at protecting students and deterring them from expressing hatred against others. The second one was self-designed/selected creative acts of resistance for grieving, memorializing, and unifying"(Ogle,Eckman 155). In this situation, it seems that the I took over the ME. The I over powered the ME, therefore there was nothing holding the boys back from completing the shooting. The...
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