Communications Paper Hcs 490

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Communication Paper
HCS 490
University of Phoenix

Electronic Health Records
The primary focus of any organization is communication. Every organization has struggles with, areas of opportunity with, and plans on how to improve communication. Communication is a cornerstone that when properly used drastically increases effectiveness. Electronic medical records are still partially new to the medical field but will increase the effectiveness and speed in which healthcare providers communicate with each other. Benefits

According to Awokola, Abioye-Kuteyi, Otoru, Oyegbade, Awokola, Awokola, & Ezeoma (2012) “It is widely accepted that EMRs are superior to paper based records. This is mainly attributed to the non-availability of “multiple access” to paper records i.e. only one person or one group of people can access one paper case note per unit time. Also, natural elements easily affect paper, for example, water, fire, wind and sunlight.” Additional to the benefits of electronic records not being susceptible to the elements they are also more efficient over paper charts and easier to access. This also allows information to be shared faster with others. For instance if a patient sees a specialist for a consultation the information can be pulled up by the primary care physician as soon as it is entered into the patient’s record. Lastly emergency services can pull up information such as known drug allergies on patients when they are not conscious and therefore avoid potential issues that would have otherwise not been avoided. Safety

Personal information needs to be maintained to uphold patient privacy. According to Lea, Austin, Hailes, & Kalra (2009) “The issue of data protection has become increasingly pertinent in recent years as national initiatives have started to support greater storage and sharing of private medical information between care teams, researchers and legislators.” Identity theft is a real cause for alarm and concern as protecting patient data is...
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