Communications Media Analysis Worksheet

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Communications Environments and Media Questions
Communications environmentCommunications medium
Electronically mediated virtual communication____Two-way instant messaging_______ For the communications environment and medium listed above, answer the following questions: 1.What are five communications situations in which this medium could be appropriately used? a.You are able to send out a meeting location change five minutes before the meeting starts to the other attendee (for small meetings) b.You are able to ask a someone a short question to find out information quickly c.Someone is able to quickly ask you your fax number so that they can send you a fax and you can verify receipt of the fax instantly d.Can coordinate on a homework assignment between classmates in different locations e.Can chat briefly with someone online when background noise in a location is too distracting for a phone call 2.What are two communications situations in which it would be inappropriate to use this medium? a.Having personal conversations in an office environment

b.A manager sending confidential salary information to an employee when they are not certain who may be reading the instant message over the employee’s shoulder 3.What are five non-verbal communications elements characteristic of this medium? a.Font size, type, and color used in the message

b.Whether or not emoticons are used
c.The length of the initial message and length of responses d.The way each response is phrased (is the “enter” key pressed after every few words even if the entire sentence is not completed?) e.The amount of time it takes each person to respond to each other “instantly” (one second versus 30 seconds). 4.What are five types of noise that this communications medium is subject to (e.g., anything in the environment that delays, distorts, or destroys the message)? a.Internet connection is broken mid-conversation

b.Computer crash
c.Instant messaging software versions are not compatible between users d.Power outage
e.Hard component failures (monitor blackout, keyboard disconnection, mouse malfunction) 5.What types of feedback are possible with this medium?
a.The receiver can reply instantly to the initial IM message b.The receiver can call the sender via telephone if the initial message was a telephone number c.The IM software can notify the sender that the receiver is online, a two-way connection is established, and the receiver is typing a message in reply 6.What are five communication skills necessary to effectively use this medium? a.Ability to compose short and coherent messages

b.Ability to determine the level of information necessary in a brief message c.Ability to determine the information needs of the receiver d.Ability to understand the level of urgency required in order to use IM to send the message e.Ability to type fast with minimal spelling and grammatical errors 7.Is this medium appropriate for sending an urgent message? Explain. Two-way instant messaging allows for brief real time conversations when a telephone is not an option. This medium is appropriate for sending an urgent message only when the sender can verify that the receiver is online and available to chat (which is usually indicated by the software). If the receiver is not available for online chat at the time the sender wishes to send a message, the sender must choose email or another form of virtual communication that does not require the receiver to be present at the time the message is sent, while at the same time accepting that there will be a delay in the response. COMMUNICATIONS ENVIRONMENTS AND MEDIA

Communications environmentCommunications medium
Paper-mediated virtual communication_________Report________ For the communications environment and medium listed above, answer the following questions:

8.What are five communications situations in which this medium could be appropriately used? a....
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