Communications and Technology in Government Service Insurance System

Topics: Communication, Mobile phone, Internet Pages: 11 (3150 words) Published: June 30, 2012
Communications and Technology, GSIS’ Partner in the Delivery of Services Joan D. de la Cruz
Ateneo de Naga University

Author Note
Joan D. de la Cruz, Master of Public Administration, Graduate School, Ateneo de Naga University. This paper which is about the system of communications in GSIS forms part of the requirements of the Management Communications Class under Dr. Nemia Howard, School Year Summer 2012. Abstract

Communication nowadays is a dynamic activity of the modern day man and technology has contributed largely in its development. The importance of technology in the field of communication has admirable influence in the lives of people. Service to its members anytime anywhere has been the driving force of GSIS and thus requires the pension fund institution to employ modern technology. GSIS now communicates with its shareholders and stakeholders with speed and efficiency alongside with the improvement of its services and reduction in the operational expenses notwithstanding that the process contribute to the preservation of Mother Nature. Keywords: communication, services, technology

Communications and Technology, GSIS’ Partner in the Delivery of Services Individuals or groups of individuals constantly create groups or join forces to accomplish common goals. In accomplishing these common goals, communication plays an important role. Without communication, organizations will never exist; but if it exists, it will soon fade into extinction. Communications is the mainstream and lifeblood of any organization. When communication is thorough, organizations tend to be effective and productive. When communication system collapses, its effect is the meltdown of the organization. Even if it is a simple organization like our own families or a complex one like our Philippine Government, effective communication is very essential. A family may shatter if at one instance a problem is not imparted to each family member. Communication is a core element to society’s foundation. It is the heart of all organizations. Communication is the center of the entire management process. It is the way managers conduct the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Communication is the primary means by which people obtain and exchange information. The most time-consuming activity a manager engages in is communication. Managers spend almost all of their working hours communicating with employees and with other internal and external customers. There are clients who wish to directly approach the manager even how menial their concerns are of which the frontliners are able to satisfy their queries. Government Service Insurance System or GSIS is one of the complex organizations tested by time and by the development of communications technology. This paper aims to reveal the communications process, and if it is possible, in the entirety of operation of the system (GSIS). This will also establish if all information which includes changes in the policy and procedures of the GSIS, updates in the benefits offered to its members and the like are communicated effectively to the stakeholders and its employees as well. The paper will chiefly revolve around the basic flow of communication within the organization of GSIS. And if along the study, the author finds flaws in the manner GSIS communicates its information, the author will try to come up with a resolution or suggestions which may be useful in the delivery of services of the institution. GSIS was born

Government Service Insurance System or GSIS is a social insurance institution created under Commonwealth Act Number 186 that was passed on November 14, 1936 and later amended under Republic Act No. 8291 dated June 24, 1997. It administers a pension fund intended to secure the future of all employees of the Philippine Government. It provides a defined social security benefit...
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