Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Learning Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Educational institutions play an important role in shaping the academic characteristics of students. Developing a set of academic values that promote academic literacy is a goal that educational institutions aim to instill in students from an early age. “Developing lifelong learners is central to the mission of higher education institutions” (Mittermeyer 2005). A member of an institution who possesses an advanced knowledge of education is considered an academically literate student. Students that undertake university studies are required to demonstrate a certain level of academic competence, which is based on a set of behaviours and perceptions (Clark, Bamberg, Flachmann, Frodeson 2002). Students need to develop proficient organisational, goal setting and research skills in order to succeed at university (study skills). This essay will discuss the roll that critical thinking has on academic students and their skills whilst at university.

Students that are successful at university generally hold a variety of skills that help supplement their ability to read and write. These skills commonly include knowledge, comprehension, application and critical thinking (Rhoding 2012). Knowledge, comprehension and application are the first three levels to the Blooms Taxonomy Theory, which helps classify levels of intellectual behaviour (Overbaugh & Schultz 1994). These levels of intellectual behaviour require students to define information from previous research, describe concepts from theories and translate this knowledge into the form of an academic essay (Overbaugh & Schultz 1994). In addition to the knowledge, comprehension and application skills described above, critical thinking skills are an important outcome in the area of learning in students. Critical thinking is the ability to read between the lines, characteristic of reasoned and reflective thinking that helps students decide what to believe (Valenzuela et al. 2011). Students tend to think...
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