Communications 1010 Business Proposal (Xyz Shoe Store)

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Communications 1010-076
March 2, 2011


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Every company in America has the power to excel and achieve great success. XYZ Consulting Firm did a thorough analysis of Gumshoe Enterprises, and though shocked at the results…we were not amazed to find Gumshoe in desperate need of a chat on the importance and power of Listening. We focused our analysis, though not exclusively, to three very deficient departments: customer service, leather and shoe shops.

“Business experts agree that listening is a vitally important skill. In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, most theorists agree that management has to listen to everyone—customers, employees, scholars, government, and the public at large—in order to survive and prosper” (R. Adler & J Marquardt Elmhorst, Communicating at Work). It’s not only important because experts recommend it, but it’s suicidal not to take notice of communication faux pas.

The failure to understand the importance of listening either due to ignorance on how to, or the lack of knowledge on the subject is not an excuse to give up on Gumshoe Enterprises. We firmly believe employees “think” they’re doing the right thing by doing what they know, but what if we taught them to recognize the tricks of great communication? The customer service department would increase their customer satisfaction rates, and at the same time end their interactions with customers on a good note. The leather department with its many difficulties communicating and listening to one another would decrease their ordering mistakes being sent to the leather shop. And finally, recognizing how to best communicate and overcome the many barriers they face each day, such as how to effectively listen, would definitely leave a positive lasting mark.

XYZ Consulting Firm is offering a deal of a lifetime—to change the landscape of the company from the inside out—teaching each employee how to best communicate with each other and with customers. Power is knowledge and we’re here to provide it in this incredible package deal. Moreover:

“Executives think communicating is extremely important to the success of their business, but they do not do it. Why is this? Perhaps many CEOs and other top officials prefer the company of their peers to those who do not share their perspectives. Perhaps, like generals on the battlefield, they are more fascinated with strategy than with tactics (”

In less than 6 months they’ll be able to see and feel the difference…for less than $150,000 you’ll be able to more than quadruple the return on your investment. Currently Gumshoes Enterprises is giving away millions due to communication errors, we ask for a few months and a fraction of that to not only stop hemorrhaging money, but putting it in your pocket. Start making a difference today, and call to schedule.


After interacting, interviewing and meeting with the various departments of Gumshoe over the past few weeks; the visit has yielded very serious listening communication gaps. The leather department for instance, relies almost exclusively in communicating by email or text. Several mishaps occurred; with a staggering 60% of employees attempting to make sense of the various texting “acronyms” or “symbols.” And out of this group over 40% spend most of their time trying to figure out what the other person wanted or was asking; while the other 20% made guess after guess on what the client needed, wanted or thought they wanted. As a result of this communication problem, the Company overspent over $50,000 in leather having to remake or fix orders. Very alarming as well, is the amount of man power wasted—over 2-3 hours a day alone on a...
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