Communication S for Brighter Future

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The Communications For Brighter Future is program designed based on our strong belief that everyone has the potential to become a good communicator and leader but the potential need to be develop. The program’s unique design enables participants to develop this potential practical experience. Participants learn communication skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Aims and objectives of the program
The communication for brighter future is a program created with a main goal to develop a good communicator and leader for future but it not just only with that goal. We create this program for variable purpose which can improved the skill of participant. In this program participant will learn to overcome the nervousness and fear everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience. This actually will come to anyone who been asked to speak before an audience because they feel scare and nervous. The participant also can learn how to organize and present their ideas logically and convincingly by a certain session which we create in this program. They also will learn to deliver presentations with strong appeal and great style. The professional trainer will teach a participant the way to present idea with a pro-style. Moreover, they can learn to listen carefully to other ideas. This program also designed by offering an advice that will help others improve their communication skills. Lastly, by this unique program, we want all of participant to participate every session and even lead in a group discussion. We hope the program that will be proceed can achieve our goal in making everyone become more potential to speak in English.

Duration of programme
We will conducting our “Communication For Brighter Future” Public Speaking program on the following date. Take this opportunity to invest in your own in self-development by learning vital communication skills. Details are as follows:

Public Speaking Program for Adult (1 Day) – Details
Date : Sunday 29 July, 2011
Time : 9am – 6pm
Venue : Dewan Besar Sek. Men. Keb Dato’ Syed Ahmad
Fee : RM100/ Participant
Public Speaking Program for Students (2 Day) – Details
Date : 26 – 27 May, 2011
Time : 9am – 6pm
Venue : Dewan Besar Sek. Men. Keb. Dato’ Syed Ahmad

Program Synopsis:
Session One| Session Five|
Introduction to Pubic SpeakingEvaluation of present speaking ability.Learn the elements of a good speech.The principles of evaluation.| Gestures in speakingDiscover the importance of gestures in speaking.Presentation and evaluation of speeches.| Session Two| Session Six|

Impromptu SpeakingLearn the ability to think and your feet participate discussion.| Discussion voice and vocabularyPresentation and evaluation of speeches.Review of progress.| Session Three| Session seven|

Organizing Your SpeechLearn how to organize your ideas.Discussion of speech organization.| Show your skillsSpeech contest & Graduation ceremony.(Only for student)| Session Four| |
ListeningDiscussion and practice in listening.Presentations and evaluation of speeches.| |

Target Group
“Communication For Brighter Future” is a program form for everyone who want to learn more on public speaking. However, we had made our point and just want to focus only student at the age of 15 to 17 year old and an adult for 20 above. Firstly, why we choose an adult to participate in this program? This is because we know that adult with range from 20 to 25 year old is graduation from university. They had faced a problem to a get a job after graduation due to fear and nervous in interview to speak in English. We formed this program to invite them along with us in learning to develop it. It just not a waste of time but there will be a valuable knowledge to get. Student of school is a second target for our program. As we know, the program is held at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Syed Ahmad. So, we had...
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