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Topics: Sociology, Institution, Global warming Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Baboucarr Oliver
Sociology 103
Test 6

Write your reaction to the article. (20pts) My reaction to this article put me in a baffled predicament. I never knew the effects of climate change can put the world in term oil through rising sea levels that can topple and flood cities. Also the amount of money spent on the efforts to help restore the world back to its normal balance some may say that its just another form of evolution but I the rate were going we are just speeding up the process of our own self destruction. Global warming is real and is affecting our planet in many ways and we the people must be aware and make changes or else our planet will be doomed.

Discuss the author’s call for the need to imagine the new society in terms of the Social Construction of Reality. Differentiate it from the social construction that has brought us to this point of planetary destruction. (30 pts) Basically the author call for a new society is one in which we can adapt to any situation in which the world may held. Adaptation is key within a new society our world is consistently changing and isn’t waiting on anything if a society were to prosper it must adapt to changes that the world may bring. The society that we now live in isn’t a pretty place politics and the forces of nature threaten our planet and in order for a new society to prosper that society must learn from the old mistakes that the previous society in failed due to not changing.

Describe the concepts of social structure, socialization and social institutions that we have studied in this class in relation to how a paradigm shift of this magnitude would have to be initiated through them to come about. Include the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement in your discussion. (50 pts) The concept of Social structure whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. Socialization is predominately an unconscious process by which a person learns the values, beliefs, rules and regulations...
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