Communication with Company Stakeholders - Speaker Notes for Powerpoint Presentation

Topics: Management, Business, Business ethics Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: January 11, 2012
In response to management request, I will be speaking about communication tools used to communicate with company stakeholders. This paper is the introduction for a presentation that will be presented to a diverse group of professionals. My understanding is that a majority of our audience are mid-level managers, and directly supervise personnel or volunteers who work with end-users and clients. My goal is to encourage these busy professionals to re-examine how and when the organizations communicate to their stakeholders. Many firms have habitual if not ingrained patterns of keeping in touch with employees, vendors, clients, stockholders, and other interested parties. In these financially difficult times, research indicates that focused attention is needed to improve the quality of communications to keeping stakeholders engaged. Many well respected writers have generalized their findings similarly: Coccia (2009) stated “Businesses can't communicate too frequently with stakeholders..-.. be they employees, customers, suppliers or investors.” Stakeholders need encouragement to maintain focus. You and your firms will need to commit to provide timely, convincing, appropriate information, more often. We are are all painfully aware of the financial downturn of the last few years. I want you to think about the worst possible consequences of taking no action what so ever in communicating with your enterprises stakeholders! (then I’ll help you out of the hole ok?) An easily imagined situation is worker satisfaction. (Volunteers are included here) It has been proven that contented employees are productive workers. Worried, discouraged employees are less engaged and caring about quality. Distress at work cause costly errors, even injury and illness. The resulting costs from Time loss at minimum and injury claims at worst, are difficult to control or evade. Next the struggle is to balance expenses against revenues, making additional difficult choices, and lowering...
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