Communication with Animals: A Hobby for Animal Communicators

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Communication with animals generally has become a hobby for animal communicator and those who like animals. Every time we see some people often talk or play with their pets and animals maybe we feel that people are crazy. Actually they are not crazy because these are their hobbies and interest. Animal communication is a form of intuitive or telepathic communication and talking with our animals. It is something that we are born with and is a very natural ability. It also is someone practicing an ability to mentally converse with an animal. Although we got ability of skill telepathic but we begin to forget that animals are less intelligent than us. Intuition is present every one of us, but many of us are unaware. I think we can try to connect to the animals, because hobbies communication with animals also can become the benefits. We can share some feeling of trouble and unhappy with our animal friend if we cannot share with family or friends. This is to reduce our stress. However, we know they do not understand what is our thought. At least we have somebody to talk with or to share our problems. Example, actually I am person of very pessimistic and I do not like to share my thoughts with family and friends so I had to talk with my pet. Communication with animals, we also can understand our animal friend feelings and needs. We will understand behavior of our animal after we have observed to our animal. Through communication and observe to our animal we can understand and discern behavior our animal such as it is sick, it is no happy and it is hungry. Example, when my pet – Miki was hungry and need the food, it will lie down, and when I saw, I automatically understand that he was hungry. Communication with our animal friend also can deepen and improving relationship with our animal friend. If our improving relationship with our pet like dog can increasing loyalty of our animal. Therefore, our pet will protect we when our face any...
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