Communication Traits in the Human Condition

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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Communication Traits In The Human Condition
The book ‘Contemporary Communication Theory’ by Infante, Ranger, and Avtgis defines the term ‘communication trait’ as ‘An abstraction constructed to account for enduring consistencies and differences in message sending message receiving behaviors among individuals’ (Wikipedia). When one considers this the logical conclusion is that communication traits are paramount to human communication; how could they not be? Communication traits are essentially the manners and or mannerisms in that define us as a modern civilization of individuals. Communication traits help us define our roles in society plus lead to greater understanding of mental conflicts, confusion, physical conflicts or even positive communication without conflict. The study of communication traits allows for all of the fore mentioned aspects, plus many more not mentioned, to be measured and analyzed in a scientific manner.

So how does all this pertain to general communication? The study of communication theory allows for advancement in nearly every aspect of modern society from criminal law to science and beyond. For example, let’s say you are a hiring manager in the Human Resources Department at a large corporation and you are trying to select the best potential candidate for a highly sensitive position that requires a lot of interpersonal and public communication. How would you, the reader, be able to determine which potential candidate will fit best? Or maybe we could pull this example out to a larger scale and consider how said potential candidate will fit into your corporate culture. The study of communication theory allows for set standardized means for measuring possible success or failure of an individual within your company. Another possible application of communication theory could be employer-employee relations liaison. An individual in this field would find themselves frequently applying the principals mentioned in chapter five of...
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