Communication Techniques in the Office

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  • Published : August 22, 2012
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Communication Techniques in the Office

December 15, 2011

In the organization that I am currently employed at has a plethora of effective and ineffective communication skills. In this paper I will be discussing both of these concepts along with ways to modify those techniques to make the office a more effective place to work. I will also explain how the impact of technology will improve the communication skills in the office. The different types of techniques that are used in the office to share information includes; telephone, email, venga, written correspondence, and office journal notes. Venga is an instant messaging system that is linked to the computer software in the office that is used to contact employees of certain notices and let clinical staff know when a patient is ready to be seat in the operatory for treatment. The office journal is an area that would be found on the appointment book in the selected patient’s chart. This is the area where all notes about the patient should be placed. These notes include; insurance information, payment arrangements, and co pays for treatment. The most effective techniques used in the office would be the telephone and the venga instant messaging system. I have chosen these two as the most effective because information can be given to a specific staff member in a timely manner and it is usually in a way that can be understood. At times when a staff member is not able to get to the phone a message can be taken and sent to them via venga. Here you are able to tell the staff member exactly what the message is and leave a contact telephone number if it is required to call someone back. One of the ineffective techniques used in the office would be in the form of written correspondence. Letters that are to be given to employees are typed up and placed into the employees’ mailbox instead of being passed out to the employee directly. Once the letter or notice has been placed into the mailbox there is...
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