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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Revana Haynes
Harry Steward
BMG Technology
February 20, 2013
Communication Assessment
What’s My Communication Style guide has provided me with new insight on how to identify my communication style. First I took the assessment, then I scored it. It is basically a scoring system that reflects the way that I communicate sometimes. What I found most interesting was the fact that there can be one or more statements that could describe me, and I totally agree with it.

There are four types of communication. It is complicated because it includes more than just the spoken or written word. What’s My Communication Style focuses on four different forms of communication: Verbal, paraverbal, body language, and personal space. With verbal differences, the age and experience may vary in differing interpretations of the same statement. The better you can understand both your own style and the styles of others, the better you can adapt your communication. Paraverbal, is not just the words you say, but also the way you say them that transmit the meaning. On the other hand, body language, can be the way you stand, shake hands , and maintain eye contact. These are all different forms of body language that communicate meaning to others. Your facial expressions can show your true response to what someone says even before you formulate a response in words. While personal space not only include the space between you and others, but also your personal appearance, your choice of decorations, and how you arrange your work space, interpersonal distance, or how close people are physically to one another. For example, my dominate communications style is Spirited. It comes through whether or not I am aware of it. This is the style that I use most often. Dominate styles are typically indicated by scores of 9 or higher. I scored a 10 in the Spirited Style shape based on my behavior. My second highest was Direct. I like to get things done quickly.

Each communication style has a...
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