Communication Strategy - Response to a Customer Complaint

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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The main objective here is to pacify the angry customer and regain his/her trust and good will for the company and its products.

PAIBOC Analysis:

Purpose: Pacify the angry customer and regain his/her trust and good will, prevent him/her from further badmouthing the company in public Audience: An angry customer
Information: Express concern and regret the inconvenience caused, promise further investigation, short-term and long-term corrective actions taken, Benefits: Individual attention and concern shown by the company; new, thoroughly tested grinder as replacement with further onsite installation and testing by an expert technical representative of the company Objections: possible reoccurrence of the issue with replaced grinder Context: An angry customer who has faced a severe accident while using our product, has suffered minor burns on left hand and nearly burned down the house

Writing Style:

The situation is negative. The company is in a lower position here and stands to lose more than its customer unless immediate steps are taken to pacify the customer and resolve the issue. Hence the use of an impersonal, passive and dull style is justified in this case. This will help in subordinating the subject to the end of the sentence or even bury it entirely at times. It will also allow the company make faceless, impersonal negative statements and make itself conveniently disappear when desirable.



Priority: Moderate
To: President
Cc:Vice President (Sales & Marketing)
From:Director (Customer Service)
Subject: Response to a customer complaint regarding malfunctioning of wet grinder Ref:MZ/Sales/01/014


Please find attached the complaint letter sent by a customer to our head office. The customer is angry due to mishap caused by the alleged malfunctioning of an Advaith wet grinder. As per our...
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