Communication Strategy Plan

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  • Published: February 25, 2013
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Getting Started4
Macro- & Meso environment4
Communication & Target group6
SWOT analysis8
Creative concept9


Maaszicht is a young and new company who is situated in Maastricht. Maaszicht wants to provide activities for the elderly and make sure they enjoy their time. They are planning to organize an event in the Bonnefanten museum. Here there will be movies, music, commercial cartoons and posters shown. Too let the elderly people re-live their youths and to meet other people. During the event the guests will have the opportunity to have a drink and to grab a small bite. Afterwards, the guests will be invited to have a dinner with all the other elderly people who attended the event that day. Maaszicht hopes the elderly will enjoy the service provided to them by Maaszicht.

Getting Started

Regional target group:
The target group will be from Aachen.

Product market combinations:
The company’s product will have a cultural element.

Identify the problem:
The need for leisure, relaxation and amusement for the elderly.

To attract elderly people with the company’s plan and to make Maastricht a cultural hotspot.

Research questions:
What do elderly people like in general?
What do elderly people look for in a city?
What do the elderly people miss in their own city?
Does the city have the resources for this plan?

What is the product or service?
The company’s aiming to provide the customers with a relaxing day at the Bonnefanten museum. The museum will be filled with nostalgic memories of the target market’s past, like pop culture (cartoons, movies, books and songs), significant happenings and the whole ambiance will be in the 50’s/60’s.

Macro- & Meso environment

Investigate the product/service in detail and identify the strengths and weaknesses. The program will start in the summer, from...
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