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Topics: Mount Everest, Family, Everest Base Camp Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: March 4, 2013
mMei Liu
Outline of my first speech

The person should be admired
When I was a child, I was an extremely naughty one. As my mom told me, I jumped into the public swimming pool all by myself when I was 7 months old. And by that time, because my parents are really busy with their work, my grandpa Guanghan Bao was in charge of taking care of me for most of the time before I went to primary school. So personally, I really admire him because he helped me to survive so many years with my unpredictable personality, and successfully became a grown-up and being here to have a speech mainly talking about him. Thesis:

Instead of only saying from a granddaughter’s aspect, (apart from that) I think he also should be admired by each of us because of his shining personality. Preview:
Judging from all his life, both from what I have seen and what I was told by my mom, he is the one I can only think of when I heard the speech topic, “the person should be admired”.

First main point:
He has been token everything from him by the government, but he wasn’t destroyed and he rebuilt everything from nothing. Supporting:
He was born in 1936, in a rich family. But as you guys might know, when he was 13 years old, communism took China and people are required to be having everything equally. So those wealthy families were considered to be evil and most of their private assets were taken by the government. He suddenly lost almost everything. But he wasn’t destroyed, he mastered fluent English and Russian by listening to university’s lecture and became a primary school’s foreign language teacher and made a living by that.

Second point:
He was not limited by the unreasonable rules.
My mom said when she was young, her family was jealous of having many “advanced” electrical equipments. Because by that time, Chinese people are required to use tickets that were given by the government in order to have everything...
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