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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Newsflash 6: Action points 2013 → Communication & social media Communication and social media
Many researches show that the use of social media as a marketing communication tool is effective. About 79% of the consumers consider the use of online communication by companies as a plus. These days, companies are forced to be present online to process effective interaction with their customers. This way, the relationships with the target group can be maintained in an effective, cheap and easy way. It is increasingly important to have a good webcare team within the company, because research shows that companies using the web indeed score.

Social media can be considered as a threat to the company as well. For instance, with the fire at the Wolgast Park many people were already making conclusions and spread them around the world using social media. Many wrong statements were therefore needed to be fixed by the Marketing and Communication team.

Social media is a very powerful tool which can be considered as a positive or negative source. For many companies, it is considered as a negative source because they are not communicating effective with this tool. Wrong decisions are being made based on trust, relationships and target group. The social media can be used as a very effective communication tool, but only if it is being used effectively.

Using social media effectively
There are many social media sources; Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. The Park considers these media sources while developing campaigns or press releases. On all these media different target groups can be found. The press release/campagne are adapted to all these media.

In communication it is all about trust and via the use of social media, trust can be built easily. Using social networks, many characteristics of the target group can be found. The park can find geographic and demographic characteristics of the target groups, but information based on interests...
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