Communication Skills Among Students

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Action research is an applied or practical research
It is the problem – oriented process.
The main aim of action research is to solve the problems arising in the teaching process or working system of a class or school and to bring necessary changes in that working system. Also to modify the behavior of pupils & teachers to provide a better learning environment. Action Research is usually carried out by teachers, principals, administrators or educational practitioners of an educational institution in order to improve his own teaching or administrative behavior. DEFINITIONS:-

According to Stephen M.C. Correy:- “ The process by which practitioners attempt to study their problems scientifically in order to guide, correct and evaluate their decision and action is what a number of people have called Action Research.” According to sara Backwell: “ Action Research is the research carried on by school personnel concerned with school problems, to improve school practice. According to Mac Grathe: “Action Research is organized, investigative activity aimed towards the study and constructive change of given endeavour by individual or group concerned with change and improvement. PURPOSE OF ACTION RESEARCH

The main purposed of action research are as follows:
To study the problems of working system of class or school and solving them scientifically. To make improvement in the school practices
To eradicate the traditional rigidity from the school
To raise the performance and aspiration level of pupils
To change the outlook of teachers in solving class-room challenges To make teachers and school authorities more alert and conscious about their problems and solutions and making them research minded. Making the school environment useful for teachin learning & testing

* Communication skills includes lip reading, finger-spelling, sign language; for interpersonal skills use, interpersonal...
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