Communication Skill

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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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Communication is important in every sphere of life. In fact life itself is dependent on communication, without communication life is worthless. A research carried out on baby some years back shows that touch, words and songs are key communication tools that keeps the baby alive. So also in marriage, work environment and society communication is the livewire that moves the world. However, without effective communication skill, the purpose of communication is defeated. There is the need for accurate knowledge in communication skill so as to achieve the purpose of communication. Communication can be written or spoken. Other forms of communication include gestures, signs etc; but the most commonly used communication tools are written and spoken. Written communication includes letters, books, magazine, newspapers, notes and any printed document that contains information. A good knowledge of spellings, grammar, tenses, punctuations, lexis and structure and many more is important. Spoken Communication includes presentations, speeches and all verbal words. There is the need of good presentation skills, courage and gestures to compliment what has been said.

It is therefore important to note that the style of presentation for written and verbal communication differs. The inability to different these techniques often cause barrier in communication. A good knowledge in Communication skill is a necessity for all. Another crucial aspect of communication skill is listening which little or no attention is usually given. Listening is the ability to pay attention to the details of information of what has been said or written. Without comprehension of the message received, communication process is not complete.
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