Communication Scenarios

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  • Published : July 30, 2012
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Communication Scenarios


Communication Scenarios
I am writing to describe how I would personally respond to three different scenarios that deal with communication. I will explain how I would handle each situation as each scenario is different. Scenario 1

In scenario 1, a situation is described where communication needs to be addressed to get some important details to big group of a marketing team in order to make a plan for a new advertisement campaign. I would choose to have a face-to-face meeting for this information to be communicated effectively. The reason that I choose this form of communication is because there is a time sensitive matter with this project. You only have a very short length of time to respond with your answer for the strategy. In a face-to-face meeting you could communicate the details to everyone and receive immediate feedback. This would allow you to go ahead and create a plan of action as well. I would then write the newly devised strategy up and send it to the Vice President of Operations so that he/she could read it and have it in writing in case there were any questions. I believe that this would be the best way to get the communication conveyed properly for this situation. Scenario 2

In this second scenario imperative information needs to be given out immediately to 11 employees. The employees need this information to be able to access a computer application that they all use. Since the new login and password are the same for the entire group, I would chose to send an e-mail out to the entire group. I would mark it as highly important and ask for a return response once the e-mail had been read. I believe that the e-mail communication would be best in this situation because it would not be necessary to see everyone face-to-face to pass this information along. I also think that personal phone calls may be too time consuming and every employees has a different schedule so some are going to need the information quicker...
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