Communication Process Model

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Scenario 1:
Who was the sender? Operations Manager
Who was the receiver? I was
What was the message? Regarding time off
What channel was used to send the message? Email
What was the misunderstanding that occurred?
I had submitted a time off request two months earlier. The day before the day I requested off I emailed my manager to remind him that I would be off the next day. He informed me that he had denied my request and if I read my emails I would have known those two months ago. I checked my emails for the past two months and there was no email from him. Found out later that week he sent it to another Karen in the building and she never thought to send it to me. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided?

I could have checked earlier to confirm the day off. My manager could have checked with me when I didn’t respond to his refusal. All in all the communication between us collapsed. 1. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity? That when you send important messages via email you should always follow up if you do not receive a reply within a few days. 2. What seemed to be the main causes of the misunderstandings? Neither I nor my manager checked up with each other to ensure that the message was received. Scenario 2:

Who was the sender? I was
Who was the receiver? An associate covering for me
What was the message? Specifics regarding an assignment she was going to cover while I was out. What channel was used to send the message?
Email and Word documents
What was the misunderstanding that occurred?
I was going to be out of work for 2 weeks and I had to get an associate up to speed with a project I was working on. She was on vacation the week before I went on leave so I prepared all of the notes and explanations and sent them to her email and printed out word documents and placed them on her desk. When I printed out the Word Documents I missed a vital page. When my co-worker came...
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